How long is a session of BOOTCAMPX?

All of our locations run a six week session, typically with a week off in between. That doesn’t mean you can’t join if we are currently in session though! You can sign up at any time! Classes run Monday through Friday and last for an hour a day.

Will I be sore?

Yes, the first two to three weeks will be the toughest for your body to adjust to. However once you acclimate to the program, you’ll feel sore less often throughout the remaining six weeks. Remember, its a good thing! We work on stretching, warmups and cool-downs, to help minimize the soreness.

When will I start seeing results?

Within the first week and sometimes within the first few days! If you follow the program and nutrition guide with maximum effort, you can expect to see amazing results, such as extreme weight loss, increased muscle tone, loss of inches from head to toe, increased stamina, better sleep, faster metabolism (which burns body fat), and most of all the happiness that comes with being a healthier person.

What items will I have to purchase?

We ask that you have 5-10lb dumbbells, an exercise mat (not a yoga mat), jump rope, a good pair of running shoes, water and workout gloves.

Do you have a refund policy?

No, we do not offer refunds. If you miss time due to business travel, vacation, or illness. We will be happy to credit that time towards your next BOOTCAMPX session. However, we must be informed of your circumstances immediately. There is no monetary refund and this is non-negotiable. Individual Bootcamps work on a set schedule.

Do we still workout when its raining?

Absolutely! Rain or shine, we are working out! This is BOOTCAMPX, military style, where a little bit of rain never hurt anyone! “Hoorah”

What happens at orientation?

Orientation takes place the Saturday before a session starts and is the day for you to meet your drill instructors, get more details on what awaits you in the upcoming session. Receive your survival guide/mess log, and you will participate in your initial fitness testing to give you a baseline so you can see how you’ve improved over the six week course.

What happens when the six week session ends?

On the last day of bootcamp following the re-testing, we provide a graduation breakfast for all bootcampers to attend, and reward those individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. You’ll receive a BOOTCAMPX t-shirt to wear with pride. You may also find yourself in the 85th percentile of those who return, having acquired a healthy addiction to BOOTCAMPX.